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Courses Spring 2014

(Note: 1st year labs start in the second week of classes)

Astr 106 - 01 (Bruno Tomberli)
Astr 107 - 01 (Bruno Tomberli)

Phys 104 - 01 (Fred Parvaz)
Phys 104 - 02 (Farhang Fana)

Phys 111 - 01 (Erfan Rezaie)

Phys 114 - 01, 02 (Bruno Tomberli)

Phys 115 - 01 (Bruno Tomberli)

Phys 116 - 01 (Stan Greenspoon)

Sci 410 - 01 (Stan Greenspoon)

Faculty webs

    Stan Greenspoon
    Bruno Tomberli
    Bernd Simson
    Vern Moen
    Erfan Rezaie
    Farhang Fana
    Fred Parvaz

Phys 104 Lab

Phys 110/114 Labs

Phys 111/115 Labs

Astr 107 Lab

Spring 2014 Labs Timetable

Spring 2014 Lab Start Notice

Spring 2014 Physics lab add/exempt form


Link to Physics and Astronomy registration tallies:  

Most Physics courses and labs make use of the i>clicker which students need to register here
To identify a registered clicker from student name/capID, use the  i>clicker remote ID Lookup
Some course sites require the Adobe Acrobat Reader which is freely available here

Questions about first-year labs should be addressed to Bernd Simson
Questions about courses should be addressed to the course instructors

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